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Making a Difference             through Language

Hi! I'm Diana.


I'm here to help you communicate globally. 

I'm a professional translator with more than 14 years experience working with the Portuguese, French and English languages and specialising in the International Development sector.

I bring together two of my passions in life, languages and international development,  to support the work of non-profit organisations, government agencies and individuals committed to helping others overcome communication barriers for a better world.

In today's world of globalisation and migration, many of the opportunities which are within our reach bring with them the challenge of overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

That's where I come in! I'm an experienced language specialist dedicated to ensuring that language never represents a difficulty in the lives of those faced with new environments, and for the work of those helping them.  

Communicating with confidence is key to connecting with success, be it at a personal or professional level. By taking advantage of my translation services you will be able to communicate efficiently in the native language of the people you are reaching out to.?

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